Aesthetic dermatology


Peeling is a treatment aimed at removing external layers of the epidermis, including unnecessary cells and substances. There are many types of peelings known in dermatology. They differ in the method of manufacture and exfoliants. The peeling should be individually matched to the type of patient’s skin, age and any underlying dermatological disease. The application of peeling may be different in patients who expect to improve their appearance or rejuvenation their skin, compared to those who are receiving treatment for hyperpigmentation, excessive seborrhea or comedones. It is worth noting that the face and cleavage are the most common areas subjected to peeling, but many people eliminate imperfections of the arms, back or legs with this method as well.

Medical peelings carried out for aesthetic reasons cause:

  • refreshing, brightening, smoothing and oxygenation of the skin
  • reduction of fine, shallow wrinkles
  • improvement in skin tension and elasticity

Such peelings can also be part of a larger “Skin Rejuvenation Program” offered by our office. These programs are individually selected for each patient by a dermatologist.

Medical peels carried out from medical indications can be used for:

  • stains
  • excessive seborrhea
  • actinic keratosis of the face, shoulders or thighs
  • in acne: after treatment and as a prophylaxis
  • eliminating some traces of inflammatory skin diseases.

In most cases, it is advisable to perform a series of treatments at several week intervals.

After the surgery, the following can be expected as a natural symptom from the peeling:

  • skin erythema one hour after surgery
  • visible exfoliation of the skin
  • skin edema.

These symptoms last from several hours to 2-4 days, depending on the type of peeling and the applied method of treatment. Patients who care about the maximum short period of persistence of these symptoms after surgery should discuss this problem with their doctor and select the method of treatment accordingly.

In our office, peeling consultations and the procedures associated with them are mainly performed by Dr. Olga Warszawik-Hendzel, Dr. Małgorzata Maj and Dr. Beata Góralska-Załęska.