We also diagnose and treat skin diseases in children.
Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of young children are mainly dealt with by the Dr. Małgorzata Łukomska.
Dr. Małgorzata Łukomska has completed three specializations: pediatrics, dermatology and infectious diseases. She has experience in hospital and ambulatory treatment of skin diseases in children.
Investigations of pigmented nevi (moles) in children are performed by Dr. Justyna Sicińska, who specializes in the early detection of melanoma. The tests are performed using the videodermoscopy method. Videodermoscopy (videodermatoscopy) allows for the monitoring of pigmented birthmarks and the assessment, at the next examination, whether the birthmark has increased or changed.
Research on congenital hair diseases in children is carried out by Dr. Adriana Rakowska. The tests are performed using the trichoscopy method. Trichoscopy is a modern technique that does not require pulling hair for examination under a microscope.
Minor medical treatments for children are performed by Dr. Justyna Sicińska.